Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Autumn!

Dear Everyone,

It's Scarlet & Sophia! We are so sorry we haven't posted in so long. We have really neglected our letters. It's just that we have been SO busy. We really had to help Mama a lot while she was pregnant. She had to rest a ton and the baby was a little early. But he came this Spring, and he is ADORABLE. His name is Clayton and we love him...he is the cutest little bald baby you have ever seen.

Being Big Sisters is a BIG commitment! We help by bringing things for Mama, picking out Clayton's clothes, giving him a bath, singing to him and keeping him happy in the backseat of the car (he does not like riding in the car). Mama says she doesn't know what she would do without her big helpers.

We have also been really busy with K-5. We are homeschooling, but we have classes two days a week so we are busy busy busy! We are learning to read, practicing Math, studying Geography and also learning awesome stuff like Spanish, Art and Music! It's so much fun...and we have met lots of new friends.

Here is a picture of us with Clayton and a picture of us this morning right before school. Mama is amazed that we are wearing our Chimi & Changa dresses for the 3rd Fall in a row! Now they are shirts, but they are just as comfy as ever!

Scarlet, Sophia & Baby Clay

 October 2010

 October 2011


 October 2012

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